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Most of the information on this page consists of links to external Websites along with a brief explanation of what you’ll find there. Fortunately most municipal governments have improved their available online resources dramatically over the last couple of years, so via the Internet you have a wealth of information at your fingertips.


These online maps rely on Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Grand Junction Zoning Map – This link takes you to the City’s main GIS page. On the left you’ll see a variety of mapping choices, including one for the “Zoning Map.” Also available on this page are links to information about using the City’s GIS services.

Fruita Zoning Map -This link takes you to the City’s main GIS map.

Zoning and Development Code, Grand Junction – This link will take you to the main page for a very comprehensive online version of the Zoning and Development Code manual.

Land Development Code, Mesa County

Mesa County Master Plan and Area Plans

Fruita Land Use Code – A link to the chapter index for the Fruita land use code.