Wondering about when to pay your MLS Fees?

Mark your desk calendar or set an alarm on your mobile device for the 1st day of each calendar quarter and you’ll always stay cruisin’ through the MLS.

Things fell through the cracks or finances a bit tight one quarter?

No problem.  Between the 5th and the 9th, no services are ever shut off, keep working hard.  You’ll notice a small $25 late fee is applied to your account, and this should give you a breather. C’mon commissions….

Completely forgot or really stressed for finances?

After the 10th, service are disrupted.  ☹  We hate to do this part and we try hard to make sure you know before this happens.  Your Broker will be notified, so they can help intervene.  A $75 reinstatement fee is applied, but the minute it’s paid we can re-activate you immediately.

Confused about when to pay for your SUPRA services?

You will receive an invoice mailed to your broker of record office in May annually. This is paid once a year directly to the association offices and we then pay SUPRA for all of our members. This is a mid-year payment so as not to burden you with everything at the end of the calendar year.

Chart of MLS Fees Policy Dates

MLS fees Billing Chart of Explanation