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Professional Standards Training & Information Resources

Training Materials

NAR’s Board Policy and Programs department conducts a Professional Standards Education Seminar every year. The goal of the seminar is to teach REALTORS and association staff how to administer and make proper decisions in ethics and arbitration matters.

Included in that training are classroom exercises to highlight critical issues that arise in professional standards matters. Several of these group training exercises have been collected and placed online as a resource for local associations in training individuals who serve on the professional standards committee.

  • Findings of Fact Training Exercises: These materials assist REALTORS® in better understanding how to write findings of fact that support their conclusion and issue appropriate discipline. Having well-written findings of fact is critical to ensure that your association’s ethics decisions are sound and defensible.
  • Arbitration Scenario Exercises: These training materials help REALTORS® serving on arbitration tribunals understand how to consider and arrive at fair, equitable, and reasoned decisions in procuring cause and other contractual and specific non-contractual disputes.
  • Ethics Appeal Exercises: These materials assist REALTORS® serving on ethics appeal tribunals better understand how to consider and make proper decisions. Fictional fact scenarios highlight critical issues for ethics appeal panelists.
  • Grievance Committee Training Exercises: These materials help REALTORS® serving on grievance committees understand how to consider and make knowledgeable dispositions of ethics complaints and arbitration requests.
  • “What-If” Training Exercises: These exercises are designed to explore complex or tricky circumstances in professional standards policy/procedures.

Policy Into Practice Video Series

This video series explains key REALTOR® association policy in three main areas: Membership, Professional Standards, and Multiple Listings Services (MLSs).

Professional Standards Procedures Quiz

Are you an expert in NAR’s professional standards procedures? Take this quiz to find out.