We’ve been expecting you and we’ve anticipated your every need as a new member.

You’ve just begun an experience that is fun, exciting, confusing, rewarding and challenging- all at once.  We want to make this as simple as we can, so read on and see what you can expect from us as you become a new REALTOR® member of GJARA.

Grand Junction Area REALTOR Association (GJARA) prides itself on providing superior member care.

To become a member of the Grand Junction Area REALTORS® Association, you should first know something about our goals:

Our Objectives

  • To encourage and foster high ethical standards in our profession of real estate practice.
  • To take an active interest in the present and future welfare of our community.
  • To uphold and develop faithful services as the basis of worthy enterprise.
  • To promote legislation beneficial to personal and private ownership of real property and to oppose legislation harmful thereto.

Benefits to Membership

If you’re serious about your career in Real Estate, membership in GJARA is an important part of your program. By joining GJARA…

  • You become associated with the larger Colorado Association of REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS®.
  • You are able to take advantage of participation in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).
  • You are able to participate in ongoing education, weekly home tours, assistance with lockboxes, keys, the Internet Data Exchange (IDX) of real estate listings, and much more.

What’s Next?

Membership applications can be obtained in person at the GJARA board office. Hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 – 5:00.

Once you complete and submit your application, and pay the dues and fees, you are considered a provisional member.

At this point the Board of Directors will accept your provisional membership, you will be guided through the procedures for use of the MLS system, we will reserve a date for your new member orientation, then you will attend the Membership Luncheon in order to be inducted and pinned as a new REALTOR® and you will receive a complimentary luncheon as our gift to you as a new REALTOR® member.

What am I joining exactly?

By joining the Grand Junction Area REALTOR Association (GJARA) you will be joining 3 associations.  Ours (GJARA), the Colorado Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.) and the National Association of REALTORS® (N.A.R.).

These three member associations provide local, state and national benefits and services that you will use throughout your career.  (N.A.R. Benefits and C.A.R. Benefits) In addition, you will be a member of the world’s largest trade association.  There is power in numbers and the voice of the REALTOR® community is heard loud and clear.

Along with the aforementioned, you will additionally be permitted use of the “REALTOR” logo and trademark. This logo is only used by members and literally means “member”.  It is copyright protected and held in the highest esteem by the consumer.

Membership dues to these 3 associations are paid to GJARA, annually, by all members. Non-payment of REALTOR® dues will result in deactivation of your REALTOR® status and benefits, including access to the MLS and C.A.R. REALTOR® Legal Hotline.

In addition, Brokers must return any licenses to CREC for unpaid licensee upon notification from GJARA.

Can I join GJARA if my Real Estate License is Inactive?

NO, you must have an Active Real Estate License or Broker’s License to become a member of GJARA. Please check the Colorado Real Estate Commissions website at

I joined GJARA but why can’t I schedule my Mandatory Orientation Class

Once your application is processed you will receive an email with your new NRDS Number (National REALTOR® Database System – this number identifies you at the National Association of REALTORS® level and will be used throughout your career).  You will sign on to the  GJARA Association Management Service (AMS) software and sign up for an orientation date using your username (NRDS # – 9 digits) and password. (Last Name with First letter Capitalized).

When / Where would a REALTOR® use the Username and Password?

Membership dues are due every year and you may log on to the GJARA Association Management Service (AMS) software to make a payment by check or credit using you username (NRDS # – 9 digits) and password. (Last Name with First letter Capitalized).  Also, you may log on to the Events and Education at that web location as well.