Forty & Forever Membership Program

Board of Directors reviews and approves letters requesting approval with a brief list of continuous good standing, service and membership for 40 years at GJARA.  Simply submit a letter of request, after completion of your 40th continuous year.  Once approved, applicant shall receive –

  1. Waived local dues from GJARA forever
  2. MLS User Fees reduced by one-half forever
  3. 20% off all GJARA sponsored classes and products sold forever

Members of the Forty & Forever Program

Robert Bray

Lois Dunn

Ron Sechrist

John Huff

Gary Harder

Jane Clevinger

Janet Garber

Toni Heiden

Kenneth Martin

Richard Scariano

Connie Schmalz

Bernadette Fuoco

Marie Ramstetter

John Nelson

Daniel Booz

Greg Cranston

Jose Lucero

Kathy Deppe