Why should I get involved?

Many members do not realize that the association in governed completely by its member volunteers.  By serving others you will gain knowledge from those who have been the decision makers and creators of policy years before you.  This is invaluable to your business and can prepare you to succeed where others cannot.

Being an informed REALTOR® is an advantage in the real estate industry.  The more you know about the current market conditions, building permits within the townships and counties, economic forecasts, MLS issues and the law of real estate the better you can serve your clients.

One of the best ways to get involved in your local association here at GJARA is to join a committee.  All of leadership throughout the REALTOR® community is volunteer based.  This gift of time and talent can come in various forms.  Having a group of dedicated individuals who protect the association members is vital to our overall success.

At GJARA we have several Committees and events that can plug you in to the group that can support and assist you throughout your career.  Whether a veteran agent or brand new to real estate, information is power. Get involved!

GJARA Committees – Simply email us with your interest and we will plug you in.



A liaison committee for the benefit of REALTORS® to build relationships with industry partners.


To develop and work towards encouraging professionalism in the real estate industry through education of members in cooperation with our National and State Education programs.  Provide and promote professional Designations through the State and National Associations


The Governmental Affairs Committee is charged with keeping apprised of local and state relates issues affecting the businesses of members and private property rights. Their discussions are on local, state legislation, and economic affairs.



To foster new ideas for membership development and association values.  To listen and deliver services which will enhance enjoyment and make membership of our association a great experience.


To develop and establish quality controls and standards for access to database offered to all associates.  To eliminate any practices which could be damaging to the public or bring discredit to the Grand Junction Area REALTOR® Association.


Designed to promote our membership with events to promote our professionalism. Promote the REALTOR® image through different means of advertising, seminars for the public on housing opportunities and community involvement.


RPAC is about fighting threats to the livelihoods of REALTORS® and is designed to support most members of NAR. RPAC is a way to develop relationships with lawmakers.  New sources of money have entered the political arena since the Citizens United ruling in 2010, which allows unlimited independent political spending by individuals, unions, and corporations.  This makes RPAC more important than ever.


This is group designed to use theater and video to promote events and activities for the members.


This is a networking group for the REALTORS® in the GJARA Association.  It was created as a networking group to engage young professionals to become more active in leadership at the local, state and national level.  The membership is made up of REALTORS® or affiliate members under the age of 40.