Pursuant to the Bylaws of GJARA

Affiliate Membership shall be granted to individuals licensed or certified to engage in real estate practice who, if otherwise eligible, do not elect to hold REALTOR membership in the Association, provided the applicant is engaged exclusively in a specialty of the real estate business other than brokerage of real property.

Affiliate Application


As an Affiliate Member can I gain access to MLS Services?

NO, you must have an active Real Estate or Appraiser’s License to gain access to MLS Services.

As an Affiliate Member can I obtain a SUPRA Key?

YES, if you are An Inspector and have joined the Inspector’s Guild at GJARA.

Do Affiliates have to attend the Mandatory Orientation Class?


When / Where would an Affiliate use the Username and Password?

Membership dues are due every year and you may log on to the GJARA Association Management Service (AMS) software to make a payment by check or credit using your username (NRDS # – 9 digits) and password. (Last Name with First letter Capitalized)